Net Cam

CAM-NET01 - $599.00
What Is It?

NetCam is both a high quality digital camera AND powerful computer, all in one small package. NetCam makes it easy to view live digital video streams (up to one frame a second) from anywhere in the world via the Internet... only a web browser is required. Regardless of what type of computer you own and what type of Internet connection you have, NetCam can provide you or the world with live images.

What Can NetCam Do For Me?

A lot! A live image on your web site is probably the easiest and most effective way to dramatically increase traffic and awareness. Nearly all of our customers report a large increase in traffic due to the presence of live web images and many turn their live camera page into the entry point of their site!

Other common applications of remotely accessible live images include monitoring your home or office, keeping an eye on the weather or viewing current traffic conditions.

Some other areas Web Cameras are used in include day care centers, hotel/tourist sites, beach/surf cam sites, live events, construction sites, police/military surveillance, and the monitoring of remote equipment.

How Does NetCam Work?

It depends on your application. NetCam was designed to be extremely flexible, which allows it to be used in virtually any scenario. The following breaks down the basic modes that NetCam can operate in.

Image Server

Once you connect NetCam to the Internet (or private network) and assign it an IP address (web address), it can act as both a digital camera and a web server. This means that anyone with a web browser can type in the camera's address and see live digital images. Securing NetCam is as simple as enabling password protection.

Image Client

If you expect to broadcast your live images to a lot of viewers or you're interested in keeping an archive of camera images, NetCam can be configured to automatically upload live images to the web server of your choice. This mode is also suggested in scenarios where your connection to the Internet is dial-up.


You can use the included NetCam Tools setup software. A simple, intuitive series of browser-based menus step you through the basics of getting NetCam up and running. Advanced features allow you to change everything from image size and quality to the color and size of the font in the image overlay.
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