WinCam Internet Camera System

Modem Included, CAM-LIV02 - $549.00
What Is It?

WinCam.Live is a powerful, expandable and customizable automated Internet camera system. No more messing with camcorders, capture cards, short-cabled parallel port / USB cameras and option-less software. WinCam.Live makes it easy to update your web page with live image snaps. WinCam.Live is the only camera system that allows you to easily chain multiple cameras to one PC. WinCam.Live cameras can be located in remote locations connected to the host PC by a phone line. WinCam.Live has multiple lenses available to suit any Internet camera need. WinCam.Live is THE Internet camera system.

What Can WinCam Do For Me?

A lot! A live image on your web site is probably the easiest and most effective way to dramatically increase traffic and awareness. Nearly all of our customers report a large increase in traffic due to WinCam's presence and many turn their live camera page into the entry point of their site! Of course there are many other uses for WinCam ranging from remote surveillance to time lapse image archiving, with or without the Internet.

Who Uses WinCam?

Individuals, small and large businesses, day care centers, tourist attractions, chambers of commerce, TV/Radio stations, oil companies, the police, the Navy, harbors, airports, weather information sites, train stations, utility companies, building construction sites, amusement parks, factories, medical offices, hotels, schools, local and federal goverments agencies and more!
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